To update your system with the new build, download the new build from the link. The following are known issues in this release. It’s an easy-to-use, automated deployment solution that offers OS deployment, configuration, computer personality migration, and software deployment across different hardware platforms and OS types. Deployment Solution lets you walk through the Deployment Solution installation wizard to create an answer file install. Where to get more information.

altiris deployment solution 6.9 sp2

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Deployment Solution software helps reduce the cost of altirid and managing servers, desktops, notebooks, and thin clients from a centralized location in your environment. Upgrading from Deployment Solution 6. Stop the following services on your Deployment Server before starting the upgrade process: After installation, be sure to apply all available Hotfixes for this Release.

Altiris™ Deployment Solution from Symantec SP2 Release Notes

In SP2, we have rolled up all of the previous hotfixes and the maintenance pack for zolution. This feature is usually used for such purposes as ignoring VPN adapters or other network adapters that you could exclude from being reported with AClient by using the customdata.

altiris deployment solution 6.9 sp2

IA64 post configuration and Linux preboot If you try to do post configuration of a Windows IA64 server after running a Distribute Image job using Linux preboot automation, the post configuration does not behave correctly. For a list of supported platforms in this release, see Deployment Solution 6.


Instead, the system reports a winload. The default option is to create a compressed WinPE preboot image.

The following are known issues in this release. Do you want to continue? Distribute Software job doesn’t report correct status The console returns success when a Distribute Software job fails because it didn’t have the necessary credentials. Any future documentation updates will be posted to this Documentation library. You can now limit users on the eeployment computer to access the Admin properties only if they enter the set password.

Uncompressed WinPE preboot images In some silution, choosing the option in the Boot Disk Creator to create an uncompressed WinPE preboot image produces a preboot image that does not connect to solutipn Deployment server and does not perform jobs.

For information about Deployment Solution 6. EXE file on your system to ghdplyaw For a list of valid switches for DeployAnywhere, click here. Deployment Solution can be obtained from http: When importing computers, get the error “The computer name, 1, matches an existing computer name.

altiris deployment solution 6.9 sp2

Hotfixes for this Release. The installation process for Deployment Solution 6.

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Deployment Solution lets you walk through the Deployment Solution installation wizard to create an answer file install. An online magazine that contains best practices, tips, tricks, and articles for users of this product. Distribute software jobs with the option “Copy directly from file source then execute” fail to install the package.


When you deploymrnt performing an upgrade or installing another Deployment Solution version, ensure that you don’t have a remote console running.

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For additional information regarding an issue, click the Article ID link. Deployment Server Role-Based Security is enabled. The remote console must be shut down before you try to upgrade or reinstall the Deployment Solution software. Known Issues in this Release. The following are issues that are fixed in this release. deploymennt

DNS settings are not reflected on the console using a programmatically created Reconfigure job. If you manually changed this option to produce an uncompressed image and if that image boots into WinPE but does not connect or respond to the Altiros server, use the compressed option instead. Where to get more information.

altiris deployment solution 6.9 sp2