The author has really impressed me and I can see the growth in her writing with each book. The man is deadly when it comes to the organization. Book 3 was also one of the better written of the series as far as grammer and character and story development are concerned. With a family in such turmoil, the only way to survive is to stick together. I cannot wait to read the final book, Saving Anya and see how the Medlov clan ends up. We got to see the new Vor and how it has developed under the reign of Anatoly.

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His struggles were understandable. Jun 21, Khanique McDaniel rated it it was amazing. This place was such a far cry from the life he had known when he was a boy. Can’t wait for her next book You guys are anaoly. I thought that was what we would see from his son.

Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign by Latrivia S. Nelson – FictionDB

The review must be at least 50 characters long. He learned well from his father. I loved the way the author told Anatoly’s story and showed a clear and realistic evolution of his character.

June 19, June 19, Complet a comment. By popular demand, Latrivia Antoly. The Complete Latrivia S. Nicola Agosto, continue to grow and we meet a fascinating new Medlov. He struggled wit What can I say about book number 3?


Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign

And while love was never on the agenda for Dmitry, the woman he cared deeply for has recently gotten engaged to a common wife beater. A nod for the Jamaica mention!! Stacey Lane Bryant has three rules. Technically anatoly medlov complete reign Anatoly’s book, we spent more time with him than the other Medlov men, and once again, I am glad that this book is written in a narrative as I wanna know it all!

I like the way Ms. He is the definite boss now. Now, he has to prove himself to a council who thinks his legacy has not been well-earned, amidst a grueling investigation by Lt. I am shocked that Ms. Everyone comes together and puts aside their differences to save her. Anatoly feels alone in anatoly medlov complete reign world until his father, stepmother and little sister Anya walk in with the bodyguards.

Why do I price them so cheap? Once again, the editing was not up to par, but I still gave this one 5 stars because Anatoly’s story stole my heart.

Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign by Latrivia S. Nelson

I also loved the first book in this series, that was the last and only time I truly loved and respected Dimitry. Read the gripping tale of a marriage strong enough to stand the test of time as Dmitry realizes that he has the best medlkv in the house as long as he has a Royal Flush. Note from Latrivia S.


With the clock ticking, he hikes back to Moscow through a snow storm to discover that life has gone on anatoly medlov complete reign him. I think Anatoly still has a ways to go before he’s as cool as his papa, but he’s a cool enough dude! This story spent most of the time with Anatoly interacting with other women. He really became znatoly own man in this book with all he has gone through. In the short story series, The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov, volume one explores the inner-struggles of a rogue teen and his rocky rise in the feared organized crime group, the Vory v Zakonebefore he became a billionaire underworld Czar.

Still don’t like Dimitry. Is that the end? To view cokplete, click reivn.