The ClueFinders rescue the professor, after which they revert back to normal, and are last seen aboard a plane leaving Egypt. His “eyes” are located on one of the shorter sides side of his base and, except when he is displaying the game options, he always appears in a “closed” position. However, bundles including multiple previously released titles, such as The ClueFinders Math Learning System , have since been created. In all the other games, he is rectangular, though sometimes with slightly curved edges, and has either black or yellow pupils. The Mystery of Mathra January, [1]. Santiago goes above ground to report the water contamination to human scientists while the others stay behind.

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Cluefinfers age was originally given to be eleven in The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventuresbut this was changed in later products. Teaching for Student Learning: The only games in which she does not cluefinders 7th grade in this outfit are The ClueFinders Math Adventuresin which she wears a “winter” variation of it as the game is set in the Himalayasand The ClueFinders 4th Grade Adventuresin which she wears a green T-shirt, a brown vest, blue jean shorts, pink socks with black shoes and blue hair ribbons.


Leslie is voiced by Keoni Asia Gist. Computer Shopper and SuperKids described 3rd Grade Adventures as the educational equivalent of the Indiana Jones trilogy, [28] [29] while the Chicago Tribune thought the “hip cluefinders 7th grade mystery” eased children into applying their thinking and thinking skills through its mystery, animation, and challenges, commenting that it “shines in almost every way”.

After Owen causes a bit of trouble, Santiago suggests they leave for the day, to which Professor Botch suggests they come back tomorrow. Generally, Joni is depicted as being a bold, headstrong tomboy.


Socrates was top of his class in obedience school and his “secret ambition” is to send LapTrap there. The series consists of “Multisubject by grade” programs, in which players practice skills and advance understanding of grade-based content. Santiago goes cluefinders 7th grade ground to report the water contamination to human scientists while the others stay behind.

WindowsMacintosh The bulk of each game involves traveling between different screens in a predetermined area which has various educational activities. His personality and method of speaking runs especially counter to Leslie’s and the two of them frequently bounce off of each other.

When Owen forgets his wallet on the cable car, he goes with Joni and Laptrap to get it, while Santiago, Leslie, and Alitrap continue to the store entrance. On the way there, Santiago mentions cluefinders 7th grade he’d be interested to see if they’d buy some of his inventions.

The Incredible Toy Store Adventure! After Owen and Leslie locate the throne room and discover Ms.

The Phantom Amusement Park. In The ClueFinders 5th Grade AdventuresSantiago wore scuba gear for the underwater portions, which consisted of a wetsuit that is black with blue accents, a blue scuba pack, black flippers, a weight belt, and a blue helmet. The Los Angeles Times. He is normally depicted with black irises, although in the original release of The ClueFinders Math Adventures Ages he sometimes has light brown cluefinders 7th grade, and in some promotional artwork, he has brown irises.

In the original release of the game, Santiago mentions that he installed the Logic Cube onto Laptrap. The ClueFinders are tricked into entering a mansion where four villains from previous encounters are waiting to get their revenge. Most of the time, each area will have one activity that needs to be completed to advance clueifnders, but which can only be played by collecting items from all the other activities in the area. She teaches some classes and studies molecules in her spare time.


However, it has been shown, cluefindres in The ClueFinders 6th Grade Adventuresthat the two of them can get along when they need to. He is usually hesitant about following Joni’s more reckless exploits, preferring to think first before going into action. In all the other games, he is rectangular, though sometimes with slightly curved edges, and has either black or yellow pupils.

Despite this, he has PhD cluefinders 7th grade in mathematicsliteraturephysics and philosophy from the University of Gabistan.

The ClueFinders – Wikipedia

The inclusion of four races in cluefinders 7th grade main cast has been pointed out by many critics. The ClueFinders 5th Grade Adventures: Just as they locate it, the ground collapses beneath them, and they are both trapped in an underground chamber.

Pericles Lear has a challenge designed for Santiago that takes place in a giant pinball machine. The Cluefinders Search and Solve Adventures: Cluefinders 7th grade to his profile in Laptrap’s “Cluefinders Club” file, he has invented a machine that “hangs up his clothes, turns out the light and brushes his teeth for him.

They board his plane, and when he tells them they’re over the Lost City, they jump out with parachutes. Development of the games’ “super compelling” and “rich” backstory took 16 months.