I can hear the soounds but cannot send a voice message. Thank you sooo much!!! I just want to chat. This URL will solve your problem. Click on the ‘Have Disk’ button.

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Codec DSP Group True Speech (22) [Solved] – Multimedia – Apps General Discussion

For recent versions of GoldWave, the last step may not be necessary since it will look for the file in the default Lame folder. I have installed the DSP Audio codec and it also shows up in my audio codecs devices list. Glad I could help.

Thanks Faizi, You saved me man I got this problem to, i cant get to work it, that didint work for me, i coldnt even understand u man. Anyone who has fsp answer can mail me. Create the following registry entry: Ive done everything as it says and I still cant get VC in yahoo messenger.


Windows Media Player Error

Click Next and after it searches choose ‘Yes, I have already connected the hardware’. I did it in csp minutes. I followed your steps Hope it works for ypu too: The codec is sitting in my System32 folder but the installation is not occuring since the product is not tested by Microsoft. I truespeexh all these solutions but noting worked for me, finally i found that itwas a connection setting problem.

Fire everybody involved with not helping you solve this problem! Then, install the TrueSpeech Player. I went to my audio settings as the earlier poster suggested and looked dsp group truespeech 22 codec my audio codecs. I just want to chat. I have placed in both the goldwave folder under programs and in the system 32 folder.

Thank you sooo much!!! Im hoping someone on this site will read it and add a reply. By submitting this form you agree to our posting rulesprivacy policy and our cocec.


I have also checked the system by using yahoo audio set up wizard. DLL file is in the C: No codec error by GoldWave Inc. After doing that, it worked. Unfortunately, this has not fixed the problem. Ive posted on other sites but i guess no one wants to help me. Stripping out the old codec files from WinXP and using them in Vista seems to work. This URL will solve your problem.

GoldWave Inc. • View topic – Having Codec Problems

I don’t believe the lame codec is listed. I would greatly appreciate the help. So it seems to be working. Usually you need to perform 3 steps: After I read your post, I used Explorer to see where the files where sitting on the system.