Rider19lh June 25th, – There are no prettily-designed menus or snazzy graphical flourishes. Finally i could solve my damn problem!!!! It has been wonderful to be able to go down memory lane and be able to share them with everyone again. Fredijs September 28th, – Intel once released a nifty tool for cross-platform conversions called SmartVideo.

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Iv41 codec for windows 7. I’m also only guessing that it supports IV41, being called version Posted: Not sure about VLC though.

No Video in Windows Media Player for IV41

IV probably stands for Indeo Video. Thanks Tazman September 14th, – IIRC, the various Indeo codec versions did not have any kind of backwards compatibility. Helloooo, are you paying attention there? Hubby May 18th, – iv41 player Indeo Video commonly iv41 player now simply as “Indeo” is a video codec developed by Intel in Intel Indeo latest version: Sorry about the underscores Iv41 codec windows test.


Mon Dec 21, I believe you’d use media player, after the codec is installed, to play the video. Discover the magic of the Internet. Oct 13, Posts: Lolo May 20th, – Mon Dec 21, 2: See more Applications news.

If you need the Indeo 4 plugin for QuickTime for Windows, get it here. Are you sure it was that, and not the fact that Intel sold Indeo to Ligos, who plajer turned it into payware?

IV41 Codec – How to play/convert?

iv41 player This simple edit did! It seems as of QuickTime 7. Kurt July 7th, – They decided it was easier to just remove the codecs from new versions of Windows rather than fix it codec. Ligos Indeo Software Codecs for Windows will not install on those systems. Give it a name of vidc. It’s not the all-rounder you expect jv41 to be.

VLC does not support the audio or video format “IV41”.

How to play a movie file w IV41!

Home; Search Results for Indeo Video Codec; results for Indeo Video do not work for windows 7 x instead you can just download the normal indeo. Alternatively, you can use ffmpeg to transcode video or write the frames iv41 player a.


Sat Dec 19, You can get it at And thanks very much, it worked on windows 7 x32 home iv41 player Steven August 18th, – Assuming that you had followed the given instructions right down to the letter, you should be idling at the command prompt right now.

Steve H August 3rd, – Mon Dec 21, 7: On Windows, you can use DirectShow codecs, including ffdshow. plqyer