Exploring the horizons of a tale of an idealistic living of both the leads, Nimra Ahmed this time takes us on a ride to Karakoram, aka Rakaposhi residing in the northern areas of Pakistan, along with her aged old approach of giving in all the tad bits of details of almost every little scenario and then maintaining a touch of suspense in her another magnificent work of fiction, karakoram ka Taj Mahal, which, for all the astounding reasons is based on a true story! View all 3 comments. For a seismophobiac reading this book on 8th october, even though its been 13 years, was a mistake Oct 09, Eesha Sajid rated it liked it. Overall, the entire story revolves around dreams being shattered and still not giving up, sorrow, happiness, laughter and then the scenic beauty of the northern areas of Pakistan. Jun 20, Mina rated it it was amazing. Apr 05, aiman.

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Javeria no, the hero is inspired by a cojplete mountain climber probably by the name of tomaz humer. Dec 29, Zeeshan Ahmad rated it it was amazing. This is the story about two climbers who fall in love with each other.

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal / قراقرم کا تاج محل

She was a trained climber from the nvoel famous institutes. Well, it was admirable to read about Ufuk Arsalan, his climbing and deep detailed knowledge of every scene. The mountains make a person sensitive and caring, hard working and self-esteemed.


Notify me of new comments via email. A great Story again from Nimra Ahmed in the mountains of Pakistan. You are complte best writer Nimra Ahmed. Start of novel was boringalmost first pages and then it started getting better. She was crying with the name of Ufaq and searching him in snow after a long time search she found him.

Jul 11, Zahida Raji rated it it was amazing.

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal – Review |

It’s not acceptable nimra, it’s truly not. Return to Urdu Novels.

This story is just amazing to read because it is too much different form the other in which only love and emotions are valuable and considered. She shows a love towards discovering new ideas and playing with them.

Aug 25, Alina Naz rated it it was amazing Shelves: D however, it was a good time-pass. May 23, Fatima tu Zahra rated it it was ok. There is more of a fantasy in this novel. During the climbing after the death of Irsa in vertical limit death zone Ufaq was setting cords and stings suddenly avalanche came upon him.


When You will read itYou can feel the Rakaposhi in karakoram ka taj mehal complete novel, the scene plotting of nemrah is awesome. This site uses cookies. The novel was quite meha and lovely. You will not receive updates until email confirmation. The thing I liked most about it, the mountaineering. Amazing love story hovered between two mountaineers. Mar 31, Tuba Masood rated it did not like it. Please Check Your Email.

The best part for me was when Pari does everything she could to save Uffaq, however, the part when they were rescued took my breath away as it got really devastating to see him not ia rescued after all the obstacles, stress and physical torture they both went through.

Nice novel with different theme.

Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal / قراقرم کا تاج محل by Nemrah Ahmed

Dec 21, Mohib Alvi rated it liked it Shelves: And room echoed with the laughter. Jun 20, Mina rated it it was amazing. Nimra Ahmad karakodam honorable name in Urdu literature.