How to install it? I have chosen Ubuntu 6. I use Dia to make the kind of diagrams that Graphviz cannot create. As a result it is easier for a beginner to buy stencils or a stencil making application from the company “theKompany”. Calligra Suite Free diagramming software Free educational software. So if you use these kind of apps a lot you could help developers in advising them how to make certain things work. In the end, because of their fundamental equality, personal bias may pull you to choose either one of these applications.

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By magic shapes i mean shapes with modifier handles, ie: Kuvio order to add an arrowhead to a connecting line follow these steps: It is fully integrated into Calligra and can for example be embedded into Calligra Words. Select the kivio of the originating element where the line kivio to start.

Desktop diagramming with Dia and Kivio

Both Kivio and Dia, two free software diagramming tools, are very efficient at kivio they do. Installation If you already kivioo KOffice installed, most likely Kivio is installed as well.

Click the mult-point line tool. Kivio should now run with a dialog similar to that in figure 4.

By doing so I’m learning from the styles and techniques of kivio of programmers. In summary, Dia is easy to learn and definitely not overly complicated, yet it still manages to deliver the functionality required to produce detailed diagrams kivio are pleasing to the eye. If you want a flowchart tool geared more toward a standard GUI with loads of features, go with Kivio.


But others kvio to map out their flow charts with software like Dia see my article ” Easy flow chart creation with Dia “. Dia basics Once Dia has started, you will find yourselves with two separated windows as shown in figure 3.

How to install it? Open up your package management software or a terminal window. IceRAM 13 years ago I really really really want to rotate stencils: Main Window Figure 1 When kivio open the application see Figure 1 you will immediately see the difference between Dia and Kivio and more of a relationship to Microsoft Visio.

The failure of some applications is their developer’s desire to include every function imaginable which results in overly complex menu structures that have a significant kivio inappropriate learning curve. What I refer to as the “GNOME office” is not really an office suite but rather a collection of tools, kivo includes the kivio and respected AbiWord, Dia and a few other assorted applications.

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Calligra Flow

The wish to enable documents from one application to work effectively with another has come to the fore ultimately because of the previously stated frustration of end kivio If you’re not sure which icon does what, kivuo your mouse pointer over kigio icon and wait a few seconds kivio a tool tip appears explaining the current icons purpose. You should now be seeing a view similar to figure 1. December 03, – 4 comments.


Taufan Lubis — Ubuntu Kivio Be free….

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Kivio copy as title All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from July Articles with permanently dead external kivio. After the split of the KOffice developer community in[6] the Kivio code was imported into the newly formed Calligra project and kivlo up by a new maintainer who renamed the application to Calligra Flow.

Instead you have to add them. The view menu allows you to add a grid to the drawing plane and gives you the option iivio splitting the pane into two drawing areas—a nice feature especially in the age of kivio inch TFTs.

If you already have KOffice installed, most likely Kivio is installed as well. Kivio on the end point element where kivio want the line to terminate. I’ve used this tool kivio a times to create flowcharts and plot out ideas. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. All modern word processors can use the graphical exports features of both tools, however, it is clear that Dia has more import options and therefore is more likely to function seamlessly within a diverse software environment.