Ci occorre da parte tua l’accettazione esplicita dei nostri termini di servizio. More Albums See more. Nome Compilare il campo Nome. Notify me of new comments via email. Merkules shows every aspect of human emotions and behavior and combines them in a beautiful way with his music.

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This makes him not only a talented artist, but also a great human being. The message that is being sent is that fans should be comfortable with who they are inside. To show the full set of qualities and emotions a human typically has, Merkules has made several fascinating songs of appreciation towards the ones who support him most.

Queste azioni merkules scars sono in linea con l’adeguamento al regolamento GDPR in vigore dal 25 Maggio Credits Lyrics powered by www. Longs story short — several people attacked Merk and his friends and used bats, knives and a machete — one of his friends was stabbed and Merk was hit with the machete merkules scars his skull two times leaving permanent scars dcars his face.

Merkules shows every aspect of human emotions and behavior and combines them in a beautiful way with his music. Listen to this album and millions merkules scars. Dynasty Gang April 24, Nome Compilare il campo Nome. However, unlike the majority of those people, he started working hard since the age of merkules scars and with the help of friends he started making music and left a mark on the Canadian hip hop scene. Hip-Hop has always been about making a statement, and he does this very scasr.


He has found his significant other, standing by his side unconditionally, and his is not afraid to show his soft appreciative side.

Featured Article: Audacious Canadian Rapper, Merkules

He is also a real, down-to-earth individual deeply caring about his fans and family and showing appreciation every time he gets the chance. In a scads of songs, Merkules tries to give hope and courage to people dealing with the same struggles by showing an image of confidence and determination. Apart from making his own beats, he often takes beats of popular songs like Shape of you, In the End in tribute to ChesterSucker for Pain, Panda, Closer, Tunnel Vision, etc and transforms them into something quite original and often better sounding than the track he took the beat from.

Notify me merkules scars new comments via email. However, behind the humor are serious messages. Too Funny Merkules 1. Required for streaming and downloading.

He used this medium as an antidote against any lingering anxiety from this vicious attack. Cognome Compilare il campo Cognome. Merkules scars lyrics are hard-hitting, raw and real, earning considerable respect from other seasoned Hip-Hop artists and are thrilling to his loyal fans.

Merkules scars raps about hard work and overcoming everyone else with passion and perseverance. He does his best to meet, talk, respond and hang out with his fans and this gives them a personal experience many other artists cannot provide. Another thing that makes the rapper better than the masses is that he connects with his fans on a personal level and offers them an emotional journey with his songs, he is constantly in contact with his followers and often does gestures showing his appreciation towards his fans.


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Wwoooowwww Best scaes I heard this year. Fuk Is U Sayin’ Merkules 1. As the night went on merkules scars the party raged everything went smooth and Merk and his homies decided its time to hit the road. His voice has a unique and impactful sound, perfect for hip hop tunes,which makes his music even better. This not only helps him overcome hard times, but also gives something of high quality to his fans. The person turned out the be aggressive and went out of the car looking for merkules scars fight.

Hunger Pains Merkules 1. Just a Good Canadian Kid Eh.