Micromax has made an attempt to come close to the brilliant smart phones of Nokia E series and Blackberry, but comes nowhere near. Its just like connecting your laptop to a hotspot. WIFI Antenna is one of the weakest thing. Enter your email address below: The keyboard layout has a couple of call keys and a end key along with a trackball, home button and a dedicated applications key.

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Micromax should be sued for cheating customers by not providing the standard specifications WIFI range. This thing has more problems connecting to the internet than my 10 year old PC that worked on a dial up.

Their service centers are not able to micromax q75 ezpad software this. Can any 1 tell me how to connect Q7 using phone suite. Be in inputting a user id in a text box online blame it on the software or just adding a fullstop.

We can add music from Memory card to Play list. Except Q7 no mobile gives wifi within 10k rupees range.

However you dont need drivers. Not just in mobile biz but overall- the designers of this product shud be respected the way Tatas were — for Nano: The trackball comes in handy while surfing the web-pages for scrolling and selecting the options.


It is true that i dint find the drivers disk in the box. It allows only still pics? Glad you did so much research for micromax q75 ezpad software here. But it does not cover any damages, spillage or any such issues. Q7 does not look like a phone from a new entrant at all and is working pretty good in all aspects.

It will pick up a page to enter the web address.

OG Review: Micromax Q75 Ezpad

A first for Micromax ezpad and is preloaded with facebook, opera mini and nimbuzz messenger. Hi, i have purchanged Q7 it looks good and professinal… its really worthful for 5k … but i m unale to configure WIFI given wep key and SSID but failed to connect wifi,, please help me how to connect if any settings…. The trackball micromax q75 ezpad software the navigation functionality by a big notch and makes surfing, micromx and online gaming a very enjoyable experience.

While the Q7 took a different shape and got a more rectangular structure looking more like a Nokia E61the Q75 goes back to the original looks of the Q5 and packs in similar features as we have seen before. Q3 battary backup is it comes 4. It should now indicate connected.

The 2MP camera is basic; you can see the sample images below in the gallery not bad. How to connect via wi-fi? The display test yielded satisfactory results with the sole exception of outdoor legibility bright sunshine being ordinary. WIFI Antenna is one of the weakest thing. Home Android Nokia Samsung News smartphones. We purchase them as normal consumers and review them for you.


Micromax Q75 (ezpad) – Snappy QWERTY smartphone Review

Hi, Tushar Pal, Not only u, me and lot of people have the same problem at Q7. It plays stereo FM too. Just purchased Micromax Q7. This is so helpful when you dont want to respond without answering… Cheers!!

OG Review: Micromax Q7 EzPAD

My concerns and worries are unfounded, my telephone is working in Australia with all the features advertised. We would admit that our epzad with dumb phones has ran out and after attempting to turn on bluetooth for 5 mins to transfer a sample image we decided to give up. Adding files to audio player is a simple one.