This might be the reason why they mainly had access to the studies conducted in their own country and were influenced by such studies. Results 15, references were cited in chapters. If Europe and other countries give due importance to emergency medicine, they will have the capability to produce studies that can be used as references in textbooks as much as the US. The pediatric patient Sect. I would like to thank all the editors and authors especially Peter Rosen for providing this valuable book to emergency medicine.

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Rosen’s emergency medicine, 8th edition

Emergency medicine, reference books, Europe, publications, United States, writing. Contributions of Emergency Physicians to medical literature are increasing. According to this previous study, the impact factors of journals of emergency medicine have increased from to At present, the emergency medicine specialty is being accepted as an area of specialization in more than 60 countries 45.

Similar results were obtained in the study by Liang Y et al.

Rosen’s emergency medicine, 8th edition | Strauss Health Sciences Library

The pregnant patient Emergdncy. How to write a medical book chapter? A bibliometric analysis of research productivity of emergency medicine researchers in South Korea.


Although the rate eidtion using the studies performed by emergency physicians as a reference has meicine increased, countries other than the US are not at a desirable level of contribution to the field of emergency medicine. International Journal of Clinical Medicine. The geriatric patient Sect. Rosens emergency medicine 8th edition Center for Biotechnology InformationU. The journals that were used as references most frequently were Annals of Emergency Medicine 5. Support Center Support Center.

Emergency medical services Pt. Limitations There are a few limitations in this study. Acknowledgements I would like to thank all the editors and authors especially Peter Rosen for providing this valuable book to emergency medicine.

Emergency medicine, which first took root in the United States approximately 50 years ago, has experienced rapid growth since it first started 1.

With regard to the country of the first authors, the US was found to be the most common country Statistical analysis SPSS Elsevier Health Sciences; There are a few limitations in this study. Immunologic and inflammatory Sect. Turkish journal of urology. Emergency medicine in the United States: A key textbook mediciine many stages of writing and includes the contribution of many authors.


Professional support was obtained for the statistical analysis and data analysis and management. This study was conducted by an independent researcher who was blinded to our hypothesis in order to prevent bias. Development of emergency medicine in Europe. The studies conducted by emergency physicians have increased in recent years, and emergency physicians, with a percentage of When the departments of the rosens emergency medicine 8th edition authors of the references were examined, the most common department was emergency department Clinical and experimental emergency medicine.

US-based journals were mostly used, and Annals of Emergency Medicine was the journal from which the references were most frequently extracted, with a percentage of 5. Out of thestudies performed in the field of medicine in1.

Journal List Emerg Tehran v.