I can definitely say, Ms. There was a lot of sex which I kind of skimmed and I loved the romance. But I really enjoyed the story except for the lack of romantic tension. I just loved it. I think what stands out in this book is the way Kele Moon writes her sex scenes.

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This is a story that has been told many times throughout the years and at this point I am kind off bored of it.

Star Crossed by Kele Moon | LibraryThing

But, I didn’t see a lot of the loving part of their relationship. And I also am looking forward to what their names will be! Feb 10, Jenica rated it liked it Shelves: Conversations flowed, I giggled, and I especially swooned over the Italian UFC fighter in this one, right from the start.

Because Romeo comes from a pretty bad mafia type family, and he’s definitely NOT the favored son. Actually, it was too star crossed kele moon for me to care about it anymore.

I feel sorry for any other poor souls who live in their small town. Will he be able to keep Jules safe or will it put too much strain on their relationship?

Book Review – Star Crossed (Battered Hearts 2) by Kele Moon

I did like that she is a taller heroine, with muscle. You feel it and want ,ele. View all 27 comments. He is very close with his two brothers, who at times I felt were a star crossed kele moon much in this book. Clay is an ass. Jules also has an extremely protective twin brother who is not a fan of Romeo’s at all, while Romeo doesn’t really do relationships. Meaning, the schmaltziness factor was running on a high level. When so many people are weeping then it will simply turn into a gooey sauce called melodrama.


There is joking amongst the characters about good ol’ country boy law enforcement officials but seriously, Wyatt acted just like that. Jules rocks it out of the park.

There’s a ton going on around them as well. Secondly, while the book star crossed kele moon held my attention the whole time, it wasn’t as intense the whole time as I usually like my 5-star reads to be. I received my copy directly from the author for an honest review, and this shar was an easy, EASY book to love. I loved how Jules was so forward and said what she star crossed kele moon and felt.

But it then goes to Jules and Romeo’s first meet, which is at the hospital after the incident with Melody’s husband. Popular covers see all 5 covers. Romeo finds himself in Garnet to train with Clay and Jules and Romeo take the relationship up a few notches. Jules meets Romeo after he saves Melody from her e This is the second book in the Battered Hearts series, the first being Defying the Odds.


It was hard to get a good grasp on her. As with Defying the Odds She spends her days working as a lawyer, a cop, and teaches at the local gym which she co-owns. Kele Moon is has definitely hit my radar as a solid erotic contemporary author.

Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 78 73. He was the enemy camp until the heroic act. While the pacing and feel of the romantic connection is mion bit different in this installment, their passion for each other is in full force and just keeps getting better with each chapter. Tito is an idiot. Right up my alley!