Now could you learn to read the first one please? Back in the days Joined Feb 22, Messages Likes 0 Points So there is new project and you only paid for Trollbeit not the new project So you don’t get it.. I’ll now Document any Person that did something on the Project.. Hansin Well-Known Member Feb 9,

trollbeit 0.3x

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Why are all theese layouts like this with windows where you control them i prefer old s0beit layout like nopeit has this 25ghz project has this and this has it but anyway looks good has it got invisible which is binded to a certain key.

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Download the File from mediafire or 4shared. What’s new New posts Latest activity. Man are you stupid?? Joined Apr 4, Messages Likes 0 Points Thank you very much 0x This Anti AFK bot will make sure you don’t get set as AFK by server, as this cleo script will trollbeut you move on its own after every couple of seconds.


If you have real problems contact me 0x on ugbase. Members Registered members Current visitors.

I never got to find out what exactly is Ghost Mode? I decided trolkbeit buy it Also if i press Z to use the aimbot, my game crashes.

trollbeit 0.3x

You must log in or register to reply here. Uploading a file as an attachment is goddamn easier than uploading it to fucking mediafire and then copying it’s link. Why you even Care? San Andreas Walkthrough Playlist – ru-clip.

You had plenty of time to reupload the file as attachment. You should learn to understand what the last screenshot says, you acquired a entrie in the license system by a “donation”, we even made it clear enough that this was a donation. Now you learned you can’t trust cheaters: Works perfectly on all samp servers. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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If you’re using win7 and you have gta sa in C: Now go and delete this post Joined Sep 15, Messages Likes 0 Points Its the trollbrit as in s0nic v Running in basic mode. To download just follow the steps below.


What’s new New posts Latest activity. The main theme of the game and sung by Young Maylay the voice actor for CJ!

trollbeit 0.3x

Here’s a link for th. So, many asked for the lastest Trollbeit Version for 0. Grollbeit is dead means it dosen’t exists for SAMP 0. Members Registered members Current visitors. I was never planned to Release to the Public until the day someone asked me. Hi all today i show u a short clip play’d on SAMP 0.