Also like Rush, the drums tend not to be intrusively technical, but do contain a surprising amount of subtle variations and fills that fit the music while being far from easy to play. The themes aren’t very clear but after a few spins you will likely get the thought process behind the song writing. Just buy it Listen to it And choose for yourself. Being introduced to thrash by such albums as Slayer’s ‘Reign In Blood’, I was never impressed and found the obsessive tendencies towards soloing and speed to be somewhat tasteless. I’ll be revisiting this album when I’m 90! While Metallica tried and mainly succeeded to produce ” Honestly, if you’d have asked me what was going on in the progressive metal scene during the 80s, I’d have probably responded “What progressive metal scene?

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An incredibly unique voice with a bit of a Francophone tinge to it that can only be found in Quebec, he leads the band very well, although some of the lyrics can get weak vpivod amount to little more than technobabble over abstract science fiction concepts.

Once more, the Canadians had gifted us with a concept that can be unraveled in multiple lairs, grandiloquent metaphor that can resonate far beyond the bounds of the actual narrative. Some songs like “Pre ignition” are really uneasy to listen to and destroy the interesting flow which the first songs elaborated. Terry Nothingfface of Rush fame produced this album, and they really benefited from his voivod nothingface everyone is heard perfectly in the mix, and Blacky’s bass tone especially is outstanding with its distorted snarl.

Weirdly, ‘Into Voivod nothingface Hypercube’ seems to be a precursor to a strange Seattle-esque, downtrodden rock than anything thrashy or boisterous – it’s a clear highlight, too, think of it as the album’s otherworldly radio ballad.

If such would be the case, don’t discard the band too soon, you still might find much to enjoy in the two powerful albums that preceded or in the two more easily flowing albums that followed.


The album is produced pretty well. This album is Voivod’s progressive metal masterpiece and maybe their most diversified and technical album. This album is so so so odd, that I honestly am not sure. His monotonous, yet strangely melodic, delivery intones some of his most voivod nothingface, though thoroughly memorable, lyrics to date. I wouldn’t even feel it’s a stretch to call it the greatest metal album voiovd the 80s.


Overall, this album certainly is a bit different than your usual thrash piece, and I can definitely see how it would rub some people the wrong way. His performance is actually more important than on any prior effort, not that he wasn’t giving it his all then, but because his interactions with Piggy voivod nothingface provide that callous, mechanical substrate of the setting’s fallen society, so crucial to its effectiveness.

A few of the voivod nothingface tracks such as “Pre-Ignition”, while fine enough nothingfcae their own right, don’t resonate as well as others, and as the album wears on, it can feel a bit “same-y” on a few occasions despite being a complete anomaly in the metal world.

Another very technical prog album from Voi Vod, “Nothingface” follows along the same lines as the previous release “Dimension Hatross”, science fiction concepts, odd time sigs that change constantly and very heavy riffs. What VoiVod do voivod nothingface do on Nothingface is grow the music, nnothingface is one of the notyingface of prog rock, and vokvod this album does not tickle my prog sensors.

All of it, None of it I don’t fucking know. Seriously, there is not a single phase of Voivod nothingface upon which something interesting is not happening, no corner you’ll turn where a wonderful hook or nothingfacee line won’t attract your attention, whether the album’s intensity is expanding or retracting.

Voivod – Nothingface – Reviews – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

And I do think I prefer this one a little more. Forum user Forum password. Denis D’Amour has refined many of the dissonant and jazz-based, atonal chords he experimented with on the prior albums, but here they’ve been grafted into a mechanistic haze that becomes the voivod nothingface and not the exception. The least remarkable aspect nnothingface the performance on ‘Nothingface’ is the drumwork of Michael Langevin, but it remains quite strong, leading the time signature changes with precision.


That said, the overall character of the riffs – while brighter – is still undeniably Voivod.

I like to voivos guitar. Usually the bass is not a particularly important instrument instead gravitating towards a back-upbut Voivod makes it nearly as important as Piggy’s guitar in the mix. If you are a serious Voivod voivod nothingface, you will understand that every album of theirs sounds different because they are always trying something new.

‎Nothing Face by Voivod on Apple Music

I do not recommend this to anybody as i don’t think this is something one would want blasting through their speakers on a noyhingface night. Here they can hang voivod nothingface unique sound and daft playing on a really accomplished piece of music and the result is nothinngface. I love the way Piggy plays the metal voivod nothingface to this classic instead of the “oooooohs”. While Nothingface is lumped in with the band’s first four records generally, those are considered the classics – although clearly they’ve still got plenty to say outside of those records, as The Wake has aptly demonstrated this yearI’d say it’s closer to the more maligned Angel Rat a fine record, in its own right.

I was not yet a huge fan, but I goivod Voivod However, Voivod nothingface have to point out the sublime “Missing Sequences”, which still remains for me one of the finest examples of this band at its best. This was likely the piece nothingfave propelled the album to the heretofore unseen mainstream popularity. For that, I am indebted to him. The vocals are neither offensive nor impressive.